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Nightlife in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Nightlife in Cabo


When coming to Cabo don’t forget to stop by one of these popular hot spots! Cabo is always full of action and entertainment and there is something for everyone. This is the busiest time of year when the streets of Cabo are full of people looking to dance until the wee hours of the morning and enjoy drinks amongst friends. There are quite a few popular bars and clubs within close proximity to each other for bar hopping and mingling. You have a few different choices of where you can go depending on the scenery you want. There is the strip in the center of town that is always filled with party goers, or the beachfront bars for a more relaxed evening. San Jose is another option if you are looking for an even more “chill” atmosphere.
 -Cabo Wabo Cantina: “Where the land ends and the party begins” The place to eat and party in Mexico since 1990
 -Nowhere Bar: A great bar in the center of Cabo to enjoy some nice refreshing beers.
 -Mandala: One of the most popular nightclubs on the Cabo strip
 -El Squid Roe: The 2nd most popular nightclub on the strip of Cabo
 -Baja Junkie: Right next to all the action on the main strip
 -Happy Ending Cantina: A great place to start the night w/ a few drinks for good prices
 -Passion Lounge & Night Club: Party hotel home to Nikki Beach and basement nightclub
 -Baja Cantina: Beachfront and Marina (2 locations)
 -The Office: A dine-in bar/restaurant on the beach
 -Red Martini Bar (SJD): A local night club & bar if you are looking for calm night out